So, The Great Conjunction Didn’t Magically Fix it All? Now What?

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So, by now since the great conjunction has passed, we have all heard about the wonders that can come from Jupiter and Saturn coming together in a momentous occasion. You’ve heard about all the great energy a conjunction like this brings, the positivity, expansion, the explosive power to manifest your greatest dreams.

So now what? How do you carry this energy forward, manifest your deepest dreams and essentially put that thang into action?

Well. The answer to all that is what have you changed since the 21st? What have you done differently besides daydreaming about all you would rather do at the cubicle you’re tired of sitting at from 9–5? Because believe it or not, the stars didn’t magically propel your life into action, your real superpower is making some real changes in your own reality.

4 Easy Steps can help, so let’s talk friends.

1. Begin EACH day with setting your intentions.

Now this can’t be like your typical new year’s set it and forget it intentions. That’s right all you cool cats and kittens, set that thing until you reach it and then keep it going. Setting your intentions can be something as simple as waking up each day and before putting your feet on the ground, you envision three steps you’ll take big or small towards your dreams. Or if you more have to see it to believe it, write it down!

2. Do you spend time with your thoughts, or are you walking around like a lost soul envisioning yourself as the greatest singer of all time, receiving a bunch of flowers thrown at your feet during your final act?

Now we have all heard about the journaling. Maybe this is something you already do. Maybe you feel like there is no possible way putting pen to paper with no task assigned is beneficial. Or maybe you pick up that pen begin to go to paper, and you have the same writers block you notoriously used an excuse to not get that homework done way back when.

No matter what category you fall into. Journaling really is one of those things, that can help anyone. I fell into the second category mentioned above years ago. Subconsciously, it was like I refused to write down any issue because who in the world would possibly get ahold of it, what would they do to me with this kind of juicy information, also it was no assignment, so why would I bother? It was just an absolute no from me Simon.

But then something changed. And I began to journal about what it is that I thought was specifically holding me back. What were my dreams? Believe me, I wrote that down to? Karen at work gave me a hard time, you best believe I let that whole paper have it. But you know what? Now I feel a sense of relief and dare I say it, even peace at the end of every juicy journaling session.

Write it out to let it out, not just to change your whole reality. Because

when you let it out, trust me, everything will begin to change around you.

3. Do you meditate?

No, you don’t have to sit with your knees folded perfectly and your hands in a ritualistic stance to actually meditate if that’s not what suits you. Believe it or not, you can lay down or stand up if you must. Meditating does need to be done for some extensive amount of time to be considered effective either. If two minutes is all you can handle, then close your eyes and focus only on your breath. If your mind wonders, its supposed to! Don’t get anxious about it, if your thoughts become negative or too much to handle, just return to your breath, that’s it and that’s all!

Meditating wasn’t easy for me to begin either. YouTube was my best friend in the beginning. And then slowly but surely, I cleansed my social media and began to follow conscious pages that only brought positivity to my feed. These pages also helped me discover how it is I like to meditate. Now I try and spend at least 5 minutes at the start and close of each day meditating, and spending time with my thoughts.

So, there we have it. No, the stars didn’t magically align to change your life with no real effort on your part. That’s right friends that change starts with YOU!



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